“Truthful” Fiction

“Truthful” fiction stretches our shared consciousness and discloses nuances not captured by the inflexibility of fact. True fiction weaves patterns of character and plot that seduce us, demand our attention, capture our imagination, encourage us to probe ambiguity, and offer a safe space for balancing the mind’s contradictions.

A Critical Chapter in Our Nation’s History

As Americans, we have reached a critical chapter in our nation’s relatively young history. We find ourselves struggling to understand ourselves, confront our motives, reconcile our polarities, and heal festering wounds. In an increasingly diverse and global environment, we are called upon to assume a more mature role. Strong contemporary narrative and powerfully crafted storytelling can illuminate America’s current place in history and help us move on to the next page.

The Purpose of Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Let us continue the traditions American women writers have established and provide a voice for contemporary literary fiction that is meaningful for a 21st century audience.

Main Message

This is my personal author’s website. It exists to communicate with you the reader. I hope it will alert you to what I am currently working on. I intend to create a blog here where we can discuss aspects of literary fiction as it relates to our 21st century world.